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Castle Islamic Dream Explanation


Castle Dream Explanation— (Fortress; Stronghold) In a dream, acastlemeans using the vehicle of truth. That is how the proverb; " Truth is acastle" came about. Acastlein a dream also represents its owners, an army's fortification, or it may represent knowledge, the Quran, or it could mean seeking refuge in Allah's protection from the evils of the accursed Satan and his armies, such as deities, preposterous or exaggerated titles, etcetera. The towers of acastlein a dream represent the leaders. Its battlement represents the solders and spies. Its gates represent the guards. Its fortress represents the minister. Its hospices and barns represent the clan or the coffers. It is also said that acastlein a dream could represent an infallible and a strong person. Seeing it from a distance means rising in rank or guarding one's chastity. (Also see Citadel; Fortress)

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